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Morehouse Bakery Building

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The redevelopment of the former Morehouse Bakery Building will revitalize this neglected building in the heart of downtown Lawrence. We anticipate that the building will be occupied by one or more commercial tenants, complementing the community's residential growth with new entrepreneurial activity. The Morehouse Bakery Building is just one block from AHF's Washington Mills Building No 1, and will bring additional life to the neighborhood for the benefit of it and other future rehab developments along the North Canal. Moreover, cleaning up the polluted building and putting it back into commercial use will contribute to the rebirth of Lawrence's main business corridor on Essex Street, just one block from the project site. With its dramatic interior spaces, picture windows, and skylights, the Morehouse Bakery will be Lawrence's next signature commercial location.

Historic Stats
Building Date: 1906-1931
Square Footage: 40,000
Style: Utilitarian, brick and timber
Historic Use: Wholesale bakery
New Use: Commercial
Total Development Costs: $7.8M
Tax Credits:
Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation
New Markets
Development Team
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels
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